#workshopwednesdays - Leon's Bedroom

July 01, 2014

This weeks #workshopwednesday visit takes us across the ditch to meet up with an old friend.

Meet Leon Mckay, a Melbourne based fabricator with a strong passion for classic motorcylcles and contemporary steel. This week we let Leon tell the story while we break into his workshop.. and by workshop, we really mean one of the coolest bedrooms we have ever come across. You'll see what we mean...

Leon: "I recently moved into a dope house with my boys I grew up with back home in New Zealand.

Which meant I had to empty out a small workshop I had at my old place. I didn't really have the room to store all my shit and work on my bikes at the new spot.

The room I moved into was probably once a shitty garden shed or something out back - it has old concrete floors and brick walls type of thing.

Since the room was already pretty raw, I thought I'd attempt to have some sort of workshop bedroom going on.

I built my bed at work so it stands just high enough off the ground to be able to park and work on a motorcycle underneath.

Which most of the time is my Triumph Pre-Unit project. One I have been working on for a year now and is almost finished.

The room definitely has some down sides, but most of the time its pretty cool being able to chill in my bedroom and do some late night fixes and my spend down time on a bike.

The bedrooms sort of like an archive of things I like and have collected somewhere along the way. I try keeping only the essentials, a collection of belongings that inspire me - pictures I’m into, taxidermy, skateboards from friends, vinyls I listen to, all that sort of shit. It's all helped out at sometime along the way for ideas and motivation to how I put it all together. 

I think however you do anything - and in this case building custom motorcycles - should be a reflection of your own individual style. Just doing whatever you want and less about copying and worrying about everyone else is doing."

What Leon has created from his cold empty bedroom is something the crew here Earnest can't get enough of. There is no doubt we will continue to closely follow and support Leon's work. Keep it up boy, we can't wait to get the crew over for a proper catch up.

Photos: Kayle Lawson



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