#workshopwednesdays - The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu, Bali

August 06, 2014

Every earnest worker needs a break, we recently took some time off and found ourselves exploring the Indonesian coast for some waves and solitude.
It only made sense that we at least put in a little work while away and take the time out to hunt down the best workshop in the land.

We made the journey late in the trip and were rewarded with one of the most inspiring workshop visits so far.

Deus Ex Machina started building custom motorcycles out of Australia and since it's birth in 2006 has grown into much, much more.

Bikes, clothing, surfboards, food, coffee, you name it, the Deus Temple has it. The Temple is a space where lifestyle comes together, and what a space it is..

We made the hike to Canggu - a beach based town where the surf pumps daily (like most of Bali). Even before entering the Temple, driving the streets you can see the impact the introduction of the Temple has had. Locals riding custom bikes, wearing the gear and generally embracing the Temple lifestyle.

After checking out the many sights, we entered the temple and were greeted by Arthur, a Frenchman who keeps tabs on the temples ever changing activities.

The main attraction for us was obviously the temple workshop. During this particular day the workers were taking some time off - much like us - but we were informed that on a normal work day 3-4 mechanics are busy wrenching anyway in the shop, all of Indonesian descent.

The workshop itself is a nice simple setup housing all the essentials; welders, belly hoists, ample tools and even a chunky lathe in the corner.

After a solid snoop around the workshop, we were ushered into the next room.

The shaping bay & glassing room - the space where the Deus surfboards take shape.

The bay not only houses local shapers, but also sees its fair share of international guest shapers, who take the time out during their get-aways to get dusty in the shop.

Many layers of resin tint remain dried over the drip trays, it's good to see the team utilizing classic resin tinting during their daily routine.

Did we mention the temple houses a barber shop aswell? Yeah there's that too.. and a very tasty restaurant/cafe setup to the side.

After many long chats and us getting pretty dam excited talking to Arthur about the workings of the Temple, we let him get back to work and we took one last minute to check out the front shop.

Many of the bikes on display are bikes stored for international guys, who pick them up, serviced and ready to go during their trips to the islands.

And by 'bikes', we really mean anything with two wheels.

We left the Temple feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated - the Temple of Enthusiasm name really fits this space to a tee.
A big thanks to Arthur and the team for taking us on the grand tour, we will definitely be back - sooner rather than later.


Photographer: Beth Eastell



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